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Reignwood International Resources Investment Ltd. (RIR) is an investment company that specializes in the development of Asian mineral resources.

We strive to invest the funds entrusted to us by establishing an optimal balance between the resources suppliers, the industrial customers and the environment. A special focus is placed on overall synergies to achieve a constant supply of resources coupled with earning significant long-term revenues and returns.

The main assets of RIR are our excellent contacts to investors, financial institutions and decision makers in Asia and Europe. We are able to speak with potential partners, develop a joint vision and bring the right people and resources together to forge a strong consortium to create value for all parties involved.

This is not an easy task and the time and funds required for a venture to take-off are significant. To succeed with such a long-term approach needs dedicated experts that are able to motivate and work constructively with all stakeholders and investors. We are proud to have assembled an excellent team.

To increase the chances for success, RIR is also directly supervising the cost, quality and performance of projects. This is done to assure that the funds we handle are used in the most efficient and best possible way.

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